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now offers Street Legal RENTALS! Are you in town on Vacation? Or interested in trying before buying? Then rent a Custom Street Legal Cart from Capp's and enjoy a day at the Beach. Free Local Delivery!

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Our All Electric Street Legal Carts

are built to your specs. First, what chassis should you start with? Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO are the “Big Three” in the industry and they all have their advantages. From here, you choose the body type, style and color. Then choose from a large selection of rims. They come in sizes of 10", 12", 14" and even 15”. You then pair these with a variety of DOT rated steel belted radial or off road tires of your choosing.

Lift Kit or not? If you are interested in bigger rims and tires (12 - 15"), a lift kit is normally required or the wheels will rub. We recommend A-Arm Lifts as they offer adjustability on camber and caster that are not available on spindle lifts.

Next up? Motors & Powertrains - There are several options about powering your cart. The engine can be stock (blah) but you must upgraded the controller to reach street legal status. We recommend the Navitas 440 amp controller that can get a stock cart up to 25mph. Other more powerful options include a 10hp dc electric motor (which is almost 3X that of stock) that is combined with a 500-amp controller that adds speed AND torque OR you can go full bore and upgrade to a top of the line Navitas DC to AC conversion kit.

The kits vary in size but we always recommend the biggest controller (600amp) paired with either a four or 5kw engine. These Navitas kits have even more torque and top speeds than any other conversion or upgrade available. They also come with Bluetooth connectivity, OTF controls and customized programming. With gas prices so high and CO2/Smog on the rise, we only build electric carts and by purchasing electric, you will never need to go to the gas station. You can charge your cart at home (or anywhere) with only a heavy-duty extension cord plugged into a standard 110 outlet!

So what do you use? Once again, we only sell and install the best, Eco Lithium Batteries. Across the board, they are the best for any modified golf cart. They can handle the power requirements from any upgraded motor/controller with no problems or shut downs to the BMS. Eco Lithium Batteries require no maintenance, come with 8-year warranties AND shave over 300 pounds of weight off the cart (when compared to lead acid). They can also give you close to twice the distance on a single charge. Lithium batteries come installed with an on board charger and shore plug; so once again, you only need a heavy-duty extension cord to power it from your homes standard 110 outlet. If you are looking to keep your initial price point lower, we can install a set of Trojan lead acid batteries.

To finish your cart, you offer Lazy Life Seats, the look and comfort is WELL worth the extra investment. You choose the design, fabric, stitch type and more! Finally, there is roof type and length, dash assembly, sound systems/sound bars & subs, undercarriage lighting, and more and then we will build your cart, exactly how you ordered it!

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About Us

Capp's Carts is a San Diego firm specializing in building high quality, street legal, custom electric carts available for purchase or for rent.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, quality builds and the best in the industry OEM and After Market Parts at very competitive pricing.

We are located in Pacific Beach at 1556 Grand Ave. Suite "C", just west of Ingraham and next to Ace Hardware. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

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